WMAG30 series electromagnetic flow meters are specializing in measuring conductive liquid (conductivity> 5μs/cm). These series flow meters have high applicability for low flow rate, sewage, acid and alkali liquid, low abrasive slurry. Our products have advance intellective-tech, field show and communicator.



Electromagnetic flow sensors WMAG30 are precision measuring devices, suitable  for determining  the  flow  rate  of  nearly  any electrically  conductive  fluid,  but  also  for  substances  such  as sludge, pulp and paste. Due  to  the  magnetic  field,  the  device  can  be  used  to  measure flow  rates  up  to  10  m/s  (32.8  ft/s)  and  a  minimum conductivity of  5 µS/cm, when using a synchronized static field.  The entire  measuring  device comprises a  flow  sensor and  a dedicated  transmitter.  Those  can  be  delivered  either  separately or as a compact unit. The electromagnetic flow  sensors  mag-flux A  are applied  mainly in the following industries:

  • Water and sewage plants
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical indu
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Mining, cement and mineral mate
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Steel industry
  • flowmag -2

Specification :

  • Size                        :  DN10 – DN2000
  • Velocity  range   :  0.01m/s to 10 m/s
  • Accuracy              :  ±0.5% or ±0.2%  ten point nonlinear correction
  • Pressure rating  :  PN1.6 to PN40 MPa, ANSI Class#150/300/600/900, JIS10k/20k
  • Power supply     :  24VDC or 110VAC or 220VAC or battery
  • Output signal     :  4-20mA   and pulse
  • Alarm signal       :  high and low alarm output
  • Unit                       :  m3, liter,   gallons,   ton(t) , kg
  • Display                 :  LCD  ,  3-line, Velocity, flow rate and total flow
  • Communication          : Hart or   RS485 ( mod bus )
  • Fluid Temperature    : up to 180 ℃
  • Process connection    : Flange   , PN1.6 / ANSI #150
  • Electrode material     : SUS316L, Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalum
  • Lining material           : Chloroprene   Rubber, PTFE, PU, PFA
  • Body material              :  SUS304 or SUS316
  • Flange material           : Carbon Steel  or SUS304 or SUS316
  • Process Connection    :  Flange or Threaded or Clamp connect
  • Cover material             : Carbon Steel, SUS304